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Downloadable forms

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Preparation of Tensile & Elongation Samples

Article - "Autopsy of an Acid Copper Bath"


Sample Submission Forms

Below are forms for submitting some of our more common samples. If you don't see a form for your specific chemistry, please use the generic form. Thank you.

Tensile Strength and Elongation Submission Form

Solder Composition & Purity Submission Form

Generic Sample Submission Form for Solutions

Sample Submission Form  - Acid Copper Plate

Sample Submission form - Tin (non-sulfate) & Tin/Lead Plate

Sample Submission form - Tin Sulfate Plate

Sample Submission Form - Nickel Plate

Sample Submission form - Silver Plate

Sample Submission Form  - Pyrophosphate Copper Plate

Sample Submission Form  - Trace Metals


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