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   Pricing Information

TotalScan $200.00
This is a semi-quantitative survey of your bath by ICP analysis which will look for more than 25 elements that are possible contaminants in your plating bath. This coupled with TOC analysis is what we call TotalScan. TotalScan will give you a complete overview of both the metallic and organic contaminants in your plating bath. What is ICP? ICP is similar to AA, but much more sensitive. ICP measures in parts per billion where AA measures in parts per million. ICP can also measure many elements that AA either cannot do or cannot do well.
Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analysis $50.00
  for plating solutions, waste water, or recycled water  
Acid Copper Package - A Comprehensive Analysis


. This is a complete analysis of your bath and deposit. The package includes standard analysis of the plating bath plus TOC and five common trace metals, along with tensile strength, elongation and purity of the deposit. If your solution has a third organic component add $15.00.
Acid Copper Plating Solutions


. Copper sulfate, Sulfuric acid, Chloride, and two organic additives by either CVS, and Hull cell. If your solution has a third organic component add $15.00
CVS Analysis Only - Copper baths $25.00
  per component. Some components for three-part additive systems cost more due to difficulty of analysis.  
CVS Analysis - Tin and Tin/Lead Solutions $35.00
. per component.
Tin Sulfate Plating Solutions $55.00
. Stannous tin, Acid, one Additive, and Hull cell              
Tin and Tin-Lead Plating Solutions  
. Stannous tin, Lead, Acid, one Additive, and Hull cell                        $55.00
. Stannous tin, Lead, Acid, & two Additives, and Hull cell                   $65.00
. Stannous tin, Lead, Acid, & three Additives, and Hull cell                 $80.00
Gold Plating Solutions $50.00
. Gold, Baume, pH, & Additives with metallic contaminants (nickel, cobalt, iron, copper, lead). Sulfite golds $60.
Immersion Gold Plating Solutions $35.00
  Gold, Baume, pH, copper and nickel
Nickel  Plating Solutions $55.00
. Nickel , Nickel Chloride or Bromide, Boric Acid, pH, Additives, & Deposit Stress by Hull cell. We also offer sulfate and ammonia analysis on nickel solutions. Nickel stress and hardness is also available.
Electroless Nickel Plating Solutions $35.00
  Nickel, Sodium Hypophosphite, & pH (for sodium orthophosphite add $15.00) We can also measure phosphorus in a deposit.
Silver Plating Solutions $50.00
  Silver, Cyanide, & hydroxide, (for carbonate analysis add $25.00) For some solutions we can also perform wetter and brightener analysis.
Silver Strike Solutions $40.00
  Silver, Cyanide, & pH (for carbonate analysis add $25.00)
Copper Cyanide Solutions $40.00
  Copper, Free Cyanide, & hydroxide (for carbonate analysis add $25.00, Rochelle salts $15.00)
Copper Cyanide Strike Solutions $40.00
  Copper, Free Cyanide, & pH (for carbonate analysis add $25.00)
Brass Solutions $60.00
  Copper, Zinc, Free Cyanide, & pH (for carbonate analysis add $25.00)
Bronze Solutions $60.00
  Copper, Tin, Free Cyanide, Hydroxide, & pH (for carbonate analysis add $25.00)
Trivalent Chrome Solutions $50.00
  Trivalent Chrome, Conductivity Salt, Specific Gravity, Surface Tension, and pH.
Chrome Solutions $60.00
  Chromous Acid, Chromic Acid, Sulfate, Chloride, and Chromic to Sulfate Ratio (Fluoride Catalyst add $25.00)
Electroless Copper Solutions $35.00
  Copper, hydroxide, and formaldehyde  
Electroless Copper Stabilizer $30.00
  Stabilizer by extraction  
Glass Etch Solution $50.00
  Ammonium bifluoride and acid content  
Permanganate Solutions $35.00
. Permanganate, Total Manganese, Manganate, & Normality
Palladium Catalyst Solutions $35.00
. Palladium, Tin Chloride, Baume, & Copper
 Cleaners and other acid/base titrations $15.00
  Gravimetric Analysis of Gold Solutions $70.00
. ..
   Solder Analysis $125.00
. .Composition of solder and trace contaminants per J-STD-001D, 003, & 006
Copper Tensile Strength & Elongation Testing $75.00
. Price is per tank and includes horizontal and vertical samples. Testing is per IPC-TM-650, ASTM E345-93, and WS6536E. We are certified by DLA (DSCC) for Mil-Spec work.
Copper Purity $50.00
Per IPC-TM-650 2.3.15 (electrogravimetry)
Gold Purity Analysis and Hardness Testing  $100.00
Per Mil-G-45204. Send plated samples or solution.
Gold porosity $75.00
  Per IPC-TM-650 nitric acid vapor test. SOX also available.
Nickel Hardness $50.00
  Vickers hardness measurement per QQN-290A.  If we plate your sample then add $50.00.  
Nickel Stress Test $100.00
Semi-quantitative analysis of stress in your nickel deposit with three repetitions. Please send a liter of solution...
  Determination of Lead in a Deposit $50.00
  Send us a plated deposit on a stainless steel (or removable) substrate and we will determine the lead content in that deposit by ICP.  
  Weigh-Strip-Weigh $60.00
. In many cases we can strip the deposit form a plated part and determine weight over average thickness of a deposit. This works especially well with gold plated parts.  
Methylene chloride extractions $30.00
. ..  
Metallic Contaminants Per element $10.00
. ..  
Cross-section analysis  
. Quoted on a case by case basis. Generally $75.00 per mount with basic measurements and digital images...
Also available


. Stalagmometer testing for some tin, tin/lead, and nickel wetters; Chlorides by specific ion electrode; scanning uv/vis; solid-phase extraction.  Sulfur and Phosphorus in plated deposits. Phosphorus in anodes. HPLC analysis.


Other Analysis or testing will be quoted on a case by case basis.

CoIf there is a test you are looking for but cannot find, please give us a call. We welcome your suggestions and are always looking for ways to serve you.

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