EMS specializes in the analysis of plating solutions. See our pricing page or contact us directly to get the full picture of what we can do for you.

EMS has consulting services available for your needs. Whether you need a fresh pair of eyes on a problem or just don’t have the time to spend on that study you have always wanted to complete, we are here to help. We have many resources available and good working relations with all of the major chemical suppliers to the plating industry.

We can provide training to your technicians on a range of analysis from the basics to CVS analysis. Training can be done at your site or EMS.

If you are a supplier with a new chemistry, we can develop procedures specific to your product. Some methods available for development are CVS, solid-phase extraction, Hull cell, and scanning UV/Vis. If you are an end-user and are looking for more control of your plating baths, please contact us. We may have methods of analysis available that will fill in the gaps to total process control.